Escape City Level 6 Walkthrough


Escape City Level 6 Walkthrough

Escape City Level 6 Walkthrough
Take the billiard stick on the table at the left
Use the stick to straighten the paper folded in a wall and grab a key, and then view the order code (X, triangle, rectangle)
See billiard ball on the triangle on the right wall, then press each ball to compile the code (X, triangle, rectangle) correctly, then take a chuck

Escape City Level 6 Cheats

Use the key to open the table, then take a yellow ball on the floor
Use chuck onto the paper on the table and note the number on each ball position
Put the ball into the box at the top of the pool table, and then enter the number 6721 and press the ball
Enter the number 4159, then grab the ball number 8
Rotate the numbers 8 and circle the top to fix the position of the ball, then place into a circle at the door and turn it to open the door
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