Walkthrough World Escape Stage 7 8 9


Walkthrough World Escape Stage 7 8 9

World Escape Stage 7 Solution
Press couch and look under the cushions and grab the middle of the long irons.
Press the right of the closet, open the top drawer and grab a pair of scissors.
Press potted plants on the left door and grab the key that dirty in these plants potted plants.
Clean the key by placing them in an aquarium that is right next door
Use the key to open the drawer in the middle of the table. Take the fishing line
Use the scissors on the fishing line, then attach the rope lure to a fishing pole
Use the fishing rod in to aquarium, then take the goods out of the fish
Take the paper that is in the ashtray on the table. Use the items you get from the fish on paper to see the numbers: 6582
Use these numbers to unlock the cabinet is on the table, then Take CD
Use the CD in the computer and you have to arrange puzzle and solve the puzzle, once completed will appear the color and remember colors: Blue Green Red Yellow
Open the yellow box in the cabinet had been using a code blue red yellow green.
Take the key and you can safely open the door now

World Escape Level 7 8 9 Solution

World Escape Stage 7 8 9 Guide

World Escape Stage 8 Walkthrough
Grab a tissue that is on the table.
Lift the left side cushions on the couch and grab the key under the pillow.
Use the key to open the drawer in the left and grab a pizza cutter tool.
Open the drawer next to it and take a pair of scissors.
Open pizza box and cut the pizza using a pizza cutter, then take the paper that is in the pizza.
Use wipes to clean the paper and the paper gives a clue.
Grab a stick that is above the painting.
Take the tree branches of potted plants that are on the left door, find the numbers around the room to indicated by the earlier paper code
the number:
Pizza = 4
Picture = 9
Lamp = 3
Music player = 1
Use the 4931 number to open a locked cabinet, and after open an grab the guitar.
Use the scissors on the guitar to take a guitar string.
Attach the string to two pieces of wood that had been taken to make a long stick
Use a long stick that on the lights at the top to pick up the keys. and now you can open the door

World Escape Stage 9 Cheats

Open the left closet and open the greatest door and grab the chopsticks.
Lift the seat cushion left under the table and grab a tile.
Lift the teapot on the table and grab a paper.
Use chopsticks on potted plants left to take another tile
Look potted plants are on the right. Lift the carpet in the corner to pick up the keys.
Use the key to open the drawer in a locked cabinet to take a pair of scissors.
Take another tile inside the vase.
Refer to the chair, use scissors to cut the tile patch was in the chair.
Now the dice are complete then look on the right side wall of the door, find the appropriate tile on the instructions in the paper, paste cubes to open it, then take a fan in it.
Look at the fan and see where the red line, green and black are. then go to the wall clock and equate the color of the clock position with the position in the color of the fan.
its position at number 10 red and green in figure 1
Now you can take the door lock, and the door can be opened
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Walkthrough World Escape Stage 7 8 9