Walkthrough World Escape Stage 4 5 6


Walkthrough World Escape Stage 4 5 6

World Escape Stage 4 Solution
Press table take paper on tea set.
Press and lift the couch cushions and take the lighter
Take a look under the sofa and take a stick under the couch.
Press the upper cabinets and grab a bottle of liquid
Open the drawer in the closet and grab a wrench.
Tap barrel and use the key to unlock the barrel.
Open the keg and remember on the ball color: yellow, purple, red.
Use yellow, purple, red to open the bottom drawer which is in the closet. Take a magnet and then combine it with a stick.
Press + vat and use magnets to stick on getting the key.
Use the key to open the locked cabinet on the right drawer and grab a cup of tea.
Press cupboard again use the lighter to light the stove, then input to the fluid bottle teapot on the stove
Press table again and pour the liquid from the cup into the cup was on the table at tea sets.
Look at the input paper on the cup and see number appears, the number: 1514.
Use code 1514 was to open the box in a locked cabinet earlier. grab the key and you can safely open the door

World Escape Level 4 5 6 Hints

World Escape Stage 4 5 6 Cheats

World Escape Stage 5 Walkthrough
Press the cupboard to the left of the screen, open the middle drawer, then take the dog food bowl.
Press rack is in the top left, look at the pile of books on a bookshelf pink and blue take a screwdriver handle.
Press sofas, lift the cushions left on the couch and grab the iron tip of a screwdriver.
Use the screwdriver on the nearby lamp on the right, then grab the key.
Use the key to open the top drawer of the closet earlier, and then take a look at a bottle of perfume and perfume that shows the numbers 5314.
Use 5314 to open the bottom drawer, then take the dog food and input into the bowl.
Look at the door there is a picture clue. Pink = Left, gray = right, blue = down.
Press flower pot and You will see a small door. Change the direction of each color and and match it to the door before Blue = down, left = Pink, beige = right
Place the bowl in a small door. and close the door, then go back and You will see the dog with the keys. Take the key and now you can open the door

World Escape Stage 6 Hints

Take the items under the right pillow on the couch.
Take the pipe on the table. Look at the pipe and take the pipe.
see painting shows code 2014
Press the right cupboard and open the drawer over there under the TV using the code 2014, ago take the CD.
Open the bottom drawer and take the video cable
Open the closet door and lift his right book, then take the elephant statue.
Use a pipe that had been taken on an elephant statue, then grab the key in the elephant statue.
Use the key to open the drawer-3, then take a TV remote.
Insert the CD that had been taken into the DVD player, then use the cable that had to turn it on.
Use the TV remote. Press TV a few times and remember the number of elephants on the TV screen: 629
Look on the left drawer cabinet earlier and press the appropriate box 629. 6 = Row 2 Column 3, 2 = Row 1 Column 2, 9 = Column 3 Row 3, then take the shovel handle.
Use a shovel to plant pots and grab the key,
and now You can open the door
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Walkthrough World Escape Stage 4 5 6