Walkthrough World Escape Stage 13 14 15


Walkthrough World Escape Stage 13 14 15

World Escape Stage 13 Solution
See boards that are in the top left, take the drawer handles hanging from the top of the image.
Attach drawer handle to the bottom drawer in the closet that are below the image, then take the tip of the wire cutters.
Refer to the lift corner sofa cushions on the couch to take a grip of wire cutters.
Refer to a high cabinet, Take a piece of tissue from the tissue box at the bottom left of the tall cabinet.
Then refer to the table, and then wipe the remaining coffee from a cup with a tissue and will appear a code number 7414.
See the right-hand window, use wire cutters to cut the wire from the window and grab the wire.
See to the down the high cabinet, then open the cabinet under the right to use the code 7414 and you will see the knife, take the knife.
Refer to a gallon of water, puncture a hole in a water cooler with a knife, then attach the wire to the inside of the gallon, then pull it out and you will get a key.
Then use the key to open the cabinet door above and grab a book in it.
Open the book to look at the record to see the tone on the guitar: 2, 4, 1, 5, 3.
Look at the guitar and play the guitar with the tone that had been obtained, ie 2, 4, 1, 5, 3
Then opens and looks a key, take the key and you can open the door at this level

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World Escape Stage 14 Walkthrough
See the pictures hanging on the wall to the left of the top, press the picture and you will see a key, and grab the key.
Refer to the table, and see the red book, open the book and take a pencil in it.
Then see the blue book, lift the blue book and use a pencil on the blue book and you will see a code number is 3983.
View seats and press the left-hand seat and lift the seat cushion is in it and you will see a stick, take the stick.
Refer to the table and grab a tissue box on the table.
Refer to a potted plant in the corner, then use a tissue box that was in the pot plant to take a memory card.
See high cabinet at the end, open the cabinet door, then lift the middle set of books and you will see a cable, take the cable.
Open the drawer and was taken first to the cabinet and enter the code 3983 to open it, and you will see a mobile phone, take the Mobile phone.
After that Insert the memory card into the phone and attach the cable also had to phone.
After that you open the drawer with a key to the two that had come and you will see the head of the hammer, grab the hammer head.
Then go to the desk again, put the phone into the laptop to charge it the file that shows the code, open the phone again to see the instructions.
Refer to drawer under a pile of books and open it using the code:. Row 1 Column 2, Row 2 Column 4, Row 3 Column 1, Row 4 Column 3
once open you will see a doll, then take the doll.
After that open the doll using a hammer, and you will see the key, take the key and you can safely open the door.

World Escape Stage 15 Guide

Refer to the seat and the seat cushions are open on the left, and you will see a lock, then grab the key.
Refer to the cupboard on the left, open the middle drawer by using the key and you will see a bottle, grab the bottle.
After that open the bottom drawer and it will pop up a cloth, grab the cloth.
Then refer to the piano, look at the sheet music on the piano, open the pages and then use the liquid bottle had to clean the paper and you will see the key: A2, C3, F3, B4, B6, E6
Refer to the tables, chairs, Look at the newspaper, find the letters of the newspaper crossword puzzles and use the code from the piano that had been obtained: A2 = E, C3 = H, F3 = S, M = B4, B6 = L, E6 = O
Look at the picture above reads: HOLMES. It is a command you to press the piano keys.
Go to the piano, and play the piano in a tone that has been obtained from the code HOLMES = C3, E6, B6, B4, A2, F3. Press the red button in this order: 2, 6, 5, 4, 1, 3. If successful you will see a key, take the key.
Refer again to the closet and open the top drawer with the key and you will see a spoon, and then input into the spoon earlier fabric.
Take a spoon containing the fabric into the coals and embers to enter, and you will receive the clock.
Then take another clock in potted plant in the corner.
Then refer to the table again and Look at the cup of tea on the table and it is a code that indicates in a clockwise direction which must be installed or must demonstrate to the clock at = 7:15
tide clock wall clock on the wall to the left and set the numbers to 7:15, once completed you will see the key at the bottom of the hour, take the key, and congratulations you've successfully completed this mission.
You've completed all levels of the game World Escape
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Walkthrough World Escape Stage 13 14 15