Walkthrough World Escape Stage 10 11 12


Walkthrough World Escape Stage 10 11 12

World Escape Stage 10 Solution
Look to the wheels and the wheels look on the right side near the rear wheel. Take the axe handle.
Look in the cup with handle on the left Take a look at the basket.
Refer to the horse statue on the right wing and look behind and take a the rock
Use the stones to open the basket that had to Taking key.
See the treasure box to the left of the folder, open the box using the key, take the axe head in it.
See picture on the wall, and then tap the picture. Use the ax to open a timber that is behind the image and grab a map in it.
Look at the map and the map will show that the sequence should be remembered vase shape of the vase: empty vase, vase with handles on both sides, there is a notch above skinny and tall, big and tall
Use the code under the statue of a human head is between a horse statue. Take the key and then you can open the door now

World Escape Stage 10 11 12 Cheats

World Escape Stage 10 11 12 Answers

World Escape Stage 11 Walkthrough
Grab a tissue on the table. Lift the bowl on the table and clean the red sauce in the bottom of the bowl with a tissue then you will see the code number 2803.
Then use the 2803 code number to open the drawer at the bottom right of the cupboard Grab a television remote
Look at the red couch, lift a 2 red cushions on the couch to get a battery, lift the left back of the sofa to get a long stick
Refer to the potted plant near the far end to get another battery
Put the two batteries in the remote control and then turn on the TV using the remote at the tv screen then it will display the color code Yellow, White, Blue, Red.
Refer to the rack which is above on the right, open the box by entering the color code Yellow, White, Blue, Red, and then took a folding knife inside the box
See locked cabinet under the shelves that had been, then use a sharp knife to open the cupboard and grab a hook in it
Look into cabinets that are steeper in the corner, open the cupboard and use the hook to get bottles that are high above.
dressing sharp knife becomes a corkscrew, and open the bottle cap
Refer again to the table. Pour the bottle to the cup of tea was on the table to take the door lock, and survived this time you can open the door again

World Escape Stage 12 Cheats

Refer to the cupboard in the left, you will see a basketball and grab the basketball.
Look to the cabinets that are in the right folder, then open the top drawer and you will find a cable, then grab the cord.
Then look to the couch and lift the cushions and you will see a handle of a screwdriver, grab the handle of the screwdriver.
Refer to the file cabinet to the left and see a potted plant, you will see the tip of a screwdriver, then take the screwdriver tip.
Statue of liberty look at a photo, use a screwdriver to open the picture frame behind it and then you will find the keys and grab the key.
Refer again to the right of the closet and use the key to open the second drawer and you will see the scissors, take the scissors.
Use scissors to divide basketball to get a handle on the door.
Refer to the cabinet again and attach the door handle, open to take a joy stick.
Look at a calendar and you will see the code: 07/20/2013
Look at the dart board on top of the cabinet to determine the position of each number.
Look into a cup and customize buttons on the trophy with the instructions on the dart board
20 = 2 rounds
7 = 8 rounds
13 = 4 rounds
look after you open a CD, Take the CD.
Refer to the ps3 under the TV, Insert the CD into the ps3. attach the cable to the TV and use a joy stick ps3 on TV.
Play games on TV, press four wooden board and let the ball fall. Count the number of balls in each hole and will show the code: 2431
Refer to the phone. Enter the code 2431 and press # and the phone will lock up and will exist under the phone, take the key and you can open the door again.
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Walkthrough World Escape Stage 10 11 12