Walkthrough World Escape Stage 1 2 3


Walkthrough World Escape Stage 1 2 3

World Escape Stage 1 Solution
Press a tree on the left, grab the rope, press the back button.
Press a tree on the right, take the arrows. Combine the rope and arrows.
Press the seats, lift pillow, grab a shovel head
Use the arrows and strap to get a paper on top of the tree.
Press the iron pile, grab the handle of the shovel.
Combine the handle of a spade and shovel head.
Use a shovel to dig the soil.
See rolls of paper that had been brought in the tree
Enter the code in the paper to the box
see the code
X at the top, below the O
O above, X below
O left, right X
O above, X below
You can take the key and open the door.

World Escape Level 1 2 3 Guide

World Escape Stage 1 2 3 Hints

World Escape Stage 2 Walkthrough
Press fruit basket, lift the fruit and grab the key
Lift the seat cushion on the right and take part of the cutter
Press the back button, press an umbrella and grab the cutter blade
Press the back button, then press the tire floats and grab the rope using a cutter
Press the back button, press the turtle picture on the wall next to the right
Open the top drawer and grab bucket open the bottom drawer and grab a shovel
Combine the bucket and rope, and press the button again
Press potted plant, grab objects using a shovel
Press the button again, press image and use sea water to fill a bucket, then clean the dirty paper into a bucket and see the paper shows the number 4297
Press the back button, press box under the umbrella and input 4297, grab the binoculars
Press the sea, look at the island using binoculars and see a symbol: bananas, umbrella, buoy, binocular
Press the seat, use a shovel to open crate under the seat to the left and enter the color of the symbol of the island had to open the box is red blue yellow green
You can take the key and open the door

World Escape Stage 3 Cheats

Press the yellow statue take a shovel to the right of the yellow statue.
Press the statue on the left and grab the key that was in his hand
Open the box in the right and use the key. Take the wand and look tube on top of the urn Use the stick to the tube at the upper end of the door and grab a roll of paper from the jar.
Open roll of paper and memorize symbols
Press the crate on the left, use the symbols and take teapot.
View of the teapot and open to use your shovel to open it and grab the key.
Now the door can be opened
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Walkthrough World Escape Stage 1 2 3